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On May 7th, 2024, Legislative Decree N. 10470 was officially posted to “La Gaceta” — the Diario Oficial of  Costa Rica’s Legislative Assembly, enacting the long awaited amendments to the Law on Traffic on Public Land Roads and Road Safety. The corresponding Bill of Law had been approved in second debate on April 2nd, and now it is finally in force.

These changes impact expatriates: those in residency process (“en trámite), short-term travelers, and the growing population of digital nomads who call Costa Rica their temporary home.

At Blue Zone Legal, we recognize the importance of demystifying these legislative updates. Our goal is to provide clarity on the amendments and their implications for you and others seeking to navigate these changes effectively.

And we are proud to share that the Assembly has chosen to make it easier for you to get around (no matter how you chose to spend your time in Costa Rica). 


Here you can find the original Blog post here about the amendments, which are now law. 

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