Relocating to Costa Rica is exciting. It’s filled with new adventures and possibilities.

However, the complex legal landscape can often feel like navigating a labyrinth. 

In this special episode of the “Is That Legal”, hosted by Allen Richard, Cristina Guerrini and the Blue Zone Legal team share invaluable insights that are essential for any expat living in or moving to Costa Rica. 


Understanding the importance of Reliable Legal Advice

Costa Rica has a diverse culture and distinct legal requirements. This means having a skilled attorney to manage your affairs is a priority — from real estate transactions to immigration processes. 

This becomes even more significant when you consider the unfortunate horror stories of legal advisors exploiting expats. Therefore, securing a trusted legal partner is a necessity for safeguarding your investments and well-being in this new and unfamiliar landscape.


Blue Zone Legal: Your Partner in Costa Rican Expat Law

Blue Zone Legal isn’t just any law firm. With offices in San José and Guanacaste, we specialize in a range of legal services that cater specifically to the needs of the Costa Rican expatriate community. 

Our services include real estate, immigration, corporate law, with a strong focus on sustainability, making us a comprehensive legal service provider that protects you and the beauty this country offers.

Services Offered by Blue Zone Legal

  • Real Estate: Ready to purchase and develop your properties? Our team provides thorough legal due-diligence and offers professional advice so your real estate transactions are secure.
  • Immigration: Whether it’s visa applications or securing residency, we simplify the complexities of Costa Rican immigration law for our clients.
  • Corporate Law: We work with you to establish your  business, manage corporate compliance, and our legal team always ensures your business aligns with local laws and regulations.

Meet the Team Behind the Expertise:

  • Cristina Guerrini, CEO & Business Consultant: Originally from Italy and now a stalwart in Costa Rica, Cristina brings extensive European legal acumen to the firm. Fluent in multiple languages and a veteran in navigating cross-cultural legal terrains, she leads the Blue Zone Legal team  with precision and empathy.
  • Eddy Pérez, Senior Associate: Eddy’s expertise spans Real Estate Law, Corporate Law, and Banking. His role as a Public Notary, handing over a thousand transactions, reflects his commitment to legality and client service.
  • Jocelyne García, Junior Associate: Known for her empathetic client service, Jocelyne specializes in Corporate, Immigration, and Real Estate Law, providing personalized and comprehensive legal advice.
  • Mario Sánchez, Senior Paralegal: Specializing in Corporate, Immigration, and Environmental Law, Mario’s negotiation and mediation skills are invaluable for resolving complex legal issues.


“Is That Legal” Podcast Celebrates the 1-year anniversary of Blue Zone Legal

In the podcast, Cristina discusses topics that resonate deeply with expats as she also celebrates 10 years in Costa Rica and 20 years in the legal space.

The episode titled “Costa Rica Attorney – Blue Zone Legal” not only highlights the importance of having a reliable attorney but also delves into how Blue Zone Legal has become a crucial part of many expats’ lives across Costa Rica. 

The discussion with Allen provides real-world examples of the challenges faced by expats and the solutions provided by Blue Zone Legal.

Allen prides himself on making sure that you are equipped with the knowledge to choose the right legal services in Costa Rica. You will learn from the experiences shared by the hosts about living in various Costa Rican locales, the pitfalls to avoid, and the best practices in securing legal help.

As you embark or continue on your journey in Costa Rica, understanding the legal landscape can not be overlooked. 

With our multilingual team and client-centric approach, you’re not just finding a law firm; you’re getting a partnership that stands ready to ensure your life in Costa Rica is safe and legally sound. 

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